The drive is a key area to providing kerb appeal for the property, selection of approriate materials for aesthetic and functional aspects is vital in capitalising on the kerb appeal opportunity. Installation by competent professional and approved contractors ensures achievement of excellence in visual impact.

Block paving is one of the best products to use for a drive due to the wide variety of blocks available and its ease to lift and relay if any underground services need repairing.

We can choose a finish and style to compliment and enhance your property.

Natural stone setts are good too but can't be so easily lifted and relaid and are labour intensive. Marshalls have now released COBBLETECH to mimic the look of Natural stone setts but without the labour costs.

To construct a long lasting drive we will always dig out to at least 250mm (10 inches) below finished level to allow for a minimum of 150mm (6 inches) of hardcore ( MOT Type 1). To ensure that we use the best materials available we will not use recycled hardcore as it is inferior to MOT Type 1.

When laying block paving we will only use limestone dust. We refuse to use Mersey grit for block paving as again it is inferior and over time will become a factor in a drive failing.